Weddings are a very stressful and expensive thing to plan. That's why my collections are 'all included' . There are no hidden costs. What you see is what you pay. No extra for traveling, for meetings, no extra for albums, for quick delivery, no extra for a pre wedding photoshoot, for some extra photos of your day... Keep reading if this sounds good!




I get it. I am a photographer and I don't like being in front of the camera. It makes me nervous just to think how I am going to look in the photos later.

I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with me taking photos on your day. That's why I believe a pre wedding photoshoot where we get to know each other better and get used to being in front of the camera can put you at ease for your big day.

If you are not feeling up for this photoshoot, a pack of prints will be delivered to you at no additional cost!



Yes, all of them. No limits.

You will have access to a password protected online gallery for you and your guests to view and download your photos.

All your photos professionally edited to a high standard.

I will start on the same day so you can have a preview in a couple of days time! Who doesn't want to share the highlights of the day ASAP?

And it won't take more than a month for the full gallery to be ready!


Album to last forever

(Where included in package)

This is priceless. An album that 50 years later will still showcase your wedding day at the best standards.

An album that future generations will be able to see. This is why I have a story telling approach. To showcase the day as it was and bring back beautiful memories.

Album size:

10'' x 10'' with 30 pages and 40 wedding images.



No matter your race, age, gender, skin colour, religion, pronouns...

There is only one thing I care about: LOVE.

I am a very romantic person and as long as you love each other and are kind and honest people, I am all yours!

collection 1

Having a more intimate wedding but still want stunning memories of your day?

No problem, with this collection I will be there just before the ceremony to capture your arrival, the ceremony, some portraits afterwards and some candids on the reception up until the wedding meal.



£590 Without album

collection 2

Not quite enough in collection 1?

Add a couple of hours before or after ceremony.

So, you can basically choose from:

  1. Getting ready, ceremony, reception and portraits.
  2. Ceremony, reception and portraits, the meal and speeches and cutting the cake.



£940 Without album

collection 3

Want me there all day with you? My pleasure! With this collection I will be there from your preparations until the last major event of the day.

I will capture the getting ready, the ceremony, the reception and portraits, the meal and speeches, evening guests, cutting the cake, the first dance and some of the party afterwards.



£1240 Without album

Add a second photographer


Adding a second photographer on the day allow us to capture different angles of the most important moments.

Not only you walking down the aisle but also your spouse's face when seeing you.

With a second shooter, you will get more images of the day. We'll be able to cover more angles.

Want a personalised quote?

All weddings are different, every couple is different.

Tell me about your needs and I will get a personalised quote for your wedding day.

Weekday wedding?

(Monday to Thursday excluding July and August)

We will apply a 10% off your selected package